• Developed for Military and other demanding applications with unparalleled performance..

  • Viscosity, BN, Water, TAN & Insolubles with near laboratory accuracy.

  • In use by 8 Western Navies.
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MIL Spec OTC Provides Lab Quality Results On-Site.

Oil Test CentreA rugged, electronic On-Site NATO* approved test capability for high value critical assets such as military ships, mines and remote power plant. Supplied in a military spec portable metal or roller case the OTC provides near laboratory accuracy for critical lubricant parameters of:

  • Viscosity, heated or unheated 20-500 cSt @ 40oC
  • Water - 0-3000, 0-6000ppm, 0-1%,  0-2.5%
  • BN - 0-90
  • Insolubles - 0-3.5%
  • TAN, 0-3, 0-6

The ability to analyze oil on-site, at the point of use, enables you to conduct oil tests quickly and easily. Detecting out-of-spec fuels or lubricants can identify potential problems before equipment damage occurs. Choose from a range of equipment and parameters to use individually or combine into a single Oil Analysis Suite. Now available with the EasySHIP reagents. A rugged design, suitable for long term use in harsh environments, the equipment is simple to use and ideal for operation by non-technical personnel. Often also supplied with ANALEX fdMplus for additional wear metals screening.

  • Fast accurate results for multiple oil analysis parameters, typical 2 minute test time.
  • Available with standard and EasySHIP class reagent chemistries.
  • Make informed onsite maintenance decisions and act before the onset of critical failure.

Oil Test Centre Configurations (supplied in portable roller case):

Order CodeTests Included
FG-K4-120-KW-AEasySHIP Water (0-1%), 2-90 TBN, Insols, Unheated Visco
FG-K4-120-KW-A-HEasySHIP Water (0-1%), 2-90 TBN, Insols, Heated Visco
FG-K4-120-KW-BEasySHIP Water (0-1%), 0-6 TAN, Unheated Visco
FG-K4-120-KW-B-HEasySHIP Water (0-1%), 0-6 TAN, Heated Visco
FG-K4-120-KW-CEasySHIP Water (0-6000ppm), 0-6 TAN, Insols, Unheated Visco
FG-K4-120-KW-C-HEasySHIP Water (0-6000ppm), 0-6 TAN, Insols, Heated Visco
FG-K4-120-KW-DEasySHIP Water (0-6000ppm), 0-3 TAN, Unheated Visco
FG-K4-120-KW-D-HEasySHIP Water (0-6000ppm), 0-3 TAN, Heated Visco
FG-K4-120-KW-EEasySHIP Water (0-6000ppm), 2-90 TBN, 0-3 TAN, Insols, Unheated Visco
FG-K4-120-KW-E-HEasySHIP Water (0-6000ppm), 2-90 TBN, 0-3 TAN, Insols, Heated Visco
FG-K4-120-KW-FEasySHIP Water (0-6000ppm), 2-90 TBN, Insols, Unheated Visco
FG-K4-120-KW-F-HEasySHIP Water (0-6000ppm), 2-90 TBN, Insols, Heated Visco

* NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. OTC's are used by many NATO navies and carry NATO stock classification for complete kits, spares and reagents. 

Oil Analysis

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