• Oil Quality Units - 0-100

  • 4-20 mA, CAN & RS232 output

  • IP67 Sealed, wide operating envelope.
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On-Line Oil Condition Sensor

Oil Condition SensorExtending oil service life isn’t guesswork. Lubricants continue to develop and perform better but remain at risk from changing operating and environmental conditions. That’s why your oil analysis service includes an oil condition monitoring feedback.  It helps you detect when your oil may no longer be fit for service even pinpointing a contaminant or machine fault as the cause.  

                               Oil Ageing animation

Results 24/7 facilitating immediate action on the first indication of change and before damage to machine or oil. It monitors the root cause of lubricant and machine failure detecting water, glycol, insolubles, oxidation using a combination of proven Tan Delta dielectric sensing and smart interpretation algorithms

  • Internal processing power offers wide interface options
  • Stainless steel housing, gold plated sensor head - Rugged and long life performance
  • Standard ½” BSP thread fitting with long reach and alternative thread options

Detection & Range:Oil Condition (0-100 Oil Quality Units) @ 4% repeatability
Fluid Compatibility:Petroleum and synthetic lubricating oils
Fluid Environment:10 Bar (145 psi) @ -20 to 130°C (-4 to 266°F)
Connections:1/2” BSP male thread, other options available.
Ambient Temperature:-20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F)
Output :4-20mA, CAN, RS232
Input:15-30 VDC, Calibration push button
Options:Variable sensor head reach, Thread, Cable length, Power supply, Stand alone display unit, Cable termination options.
General:IP67, 250g (9 oz)
Sensor Options
Part NumberDescription
FG-K14492-KWOil Condition Sensor Long Reach - Analogue output
FG-K16203-KWOil Condition Sensor Standard Reach - Analogue output
FG-K16318-KWOil Condition Sensor Evaluation Pack Standard Reach (with display)
FG-K16327-KWOil Condition Sensor Evaluation Pack Long Reach (with display)
FG-K16330-KWOil Condition Sensor Standard Reach - Digital output
FG-K16340-KWOil Condition Sensor Long Reach - Digital output
FG-K16918-KWOil Condition Sensor - Long Reach (M22) Metric Thread - Digital output
FG-K17211-KWOil Condition Sensor Standard Reach NPT Thread - Analogue Output
FG-K17212-KWOil Condition Sensor Standard Reach NPT Thread - Digital Output
FG-K17216-KWOil Condition Sensor Long Reach NPT Thread - Analogue Output
FG-K17217-KWOil Condition Sensor Long Reach NPT Thread - Digital Output
FG-K17330-KWOil Condition Sensor Evaluation Pack Standard Reach - NPT (with display)
FG-K17331-KWOil Condition Sensor Evaluation Pack Long Reach - NPT (with display)

Oil Analysis

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